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He was a woodland guide, not a geographer: but as Aristotle and Darwin well knew, the xl woodlander gathers much curious lore. No man in Philadelphia at least, who advocates abdominal drainage, ever thinks of incising and uses draining per vaginam. Prepared upon the principles advanced by the eminent chemist, Baron Justus cost von Liebig. In view price of this fact, we should certainly not spare ourselves in any way in attempting to arrive at a correct conclusion. Then, in the name fraught with more blessings to humanity than any other, and the saving of more human life? It does seem to me that we should wake and warm up on this subject. Long, and in the duodenum and jejunum, black in of ten, some days after onset of purpura, had colic, hematuria and melena, which ceased after two days, This last group of cases indicates the extreme gravity which may occasionally attach to Henoch's purpura (there). It has been his observation that this fever is more prevalent in spring and early vs summer, before the advent of our rainy season, and that it occurs more frequently where the surroundings are unsanitary than where thorough sanitation prevails. Effects - when acute the general febrile symptoms may be very severe. Others were heard from as doing well, as follows: Nothing can be said of the present condition of these patients. MacFadden G-aston, of Atlanta, He said at this time the medical profession was undergoing a most interesting transition from migraines the extreme views which had been held by some in regard to the employment of germicides in surgical practice.


It seems to me that extensive comment upon these cases to physicians who have had a clinical experience with true la diphtheria under the old methods of treatment is superfluous. It originated with reference to a change in the skin, and represents simply the stage of thickening and hard infiltrating of the skin, these conditions being derived from an increased deposit of mucoid matter in the cellular tissue. It reveals as such that knowledge of human life which is needed more and yet more and it stimulates to a generic use of such knowledge. I have purposely confined my observation to my public clinic, because the cases are matters of record, of access to every one and have been under the eye of not only myself but that of other 80 observers. Miss McLane's amazing York Journal is feeding it to its readers in divided for doses, with a fanciful Brinkley like picture of the author. Mackenzie on Esophagus and Pharjnx. It may bear very heavily on a few; perhaps some few I am inderal addressing here, but I am sure there are many will thrive under it. The anxiety diseased uterine annexse were removed, after which the patient improved rapidly, the pains in the bones disappeared; she was soon able to walk, and a year after the operation, was perfectly patient who suffered great pain in the bones, and increasing difficulty in walking, and finally was unable to do so without assistance." He performed" castration for osteo-malacia," after which the patient was well, had no further difficulty or pain in walking. That is done and is recognized as being professional, and straight and honorable, and is done by the best manufacturer men in the profession. The pus had no difficulty iu finding ready access to the bladder greatly inflamed. When the urchin, with our eyes upon him, pilfers an apple from the corner stand, we do not feel that we have committed a grievous sin of omission buy if we do not personally inform the first policeman, or if we do not ourselves pursue the little culprit to his capture, in order to insure If, however, we see serious bodily injury inflicted, or murder impending, who of us would not, at personal inconvenience or' peril, see to the capture and punishment If the patient is to recover from the effects of the crime perpetrated on her, and the injury is slight, by analogy, there is If she is to die, and the injury is thus greater, silence is not only dangerous, but it is without justification. In the American Journal of the Medical account of this painful local affection, and subsequently reported a number of cases had come under his care, and more recently numerous authors have given their A medical man from Hagerstown, Md (mg). To find the proper location for a filtration plant, or a sewage farm near a city, is not an easy task, side and demands intelligent investigation, and sound, trained judgment in the final decision.

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