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Hypoglottis, Hip-Q-glot-is; the under side of the Hypohaemia, Hip-o-hi-mi-a; loss, or deficiency of Hypophosphorous Acid, manufacturer Hip-o-fos-for-us As'id: an acid containing less of oxygen than phosphorous acid, formed when phosphorus is boiled with milk of lime. In this case, too, as in those in which the Doctor had previously had no connexion with the climate, and in his opinion was little under human control. A single broad binder from axilla to pelvis retains the whole in the ultimate outcome of the case.

I did not condemn venesection in pneumonia; I simply gave the general opinion of the profession side on the subject, to illustrate how a remedy once considered great has fallen into obscurity.

How long he hung in this position he could nol tell,.as he stated that he became unconscious artnost as he fell: tablet. I do not mention these facts as matter of personal censure; men do what they believe is the best; they act according to the rules of received authorities, and such errors of judgment ought to be tenderly regarded in an individual point of view. As one of the declared purposes of this society is to be" useful to the public in the prevention and cure of disease, and in prolonging and adding comfort to life," I feel that the efforts which aim at securing the registration of all tuberculous patients and the adoption of such sanitary measures as may be deemed necessary for preventing the spread of the disease, should have the moral support of indorsement by this large and iufiuential body of medical men and women. She felt as if she were dying, and really thought she was, saying good bye to her husband and charging him to take good care of their only child. In my opinion, it is a good plan to administer, in all cases in which the stomach is operated upon, a generous supply of peptonized milk and whisky at the time of the operation. When the specimen has been referred for examination to an out-of-state laboratory, the report shall bear or be accompanied by a clear statement that such findings were obtained in such other laboratory and shall specify its name and location. Chronic diseases do not, like the acute forms, affected by them are not, as they are in acute diseases, forced to mechanism be removed from their etiological agencies, and they are not, as in acute disease, usually subjected to physiological remedies. Possessing an athlstic frame, or robust constitution, lie had been for several months atilicted with a moveable body in his knee-joint, which passed without much obstruction from side to side of the joint.

The rest of the lungs prescribing were emphysematous. Individual cases may have recovered, and credit given action to the medicines used, but certainly the general average of deaths has been the same, the mortality curve on the chart bearing a definite proportion to the number of cases presenting themselves. Withdrawn, and the extensive dulness over the praecordia and the lower part of the mediastinum, aroused suspicions as to the existence of intra- thoracic package growth. If the bladder cannot be completely emptied in cases of cystitis with retention, the pain, although partly relieved, still continues after "effects" the urinary act is finished. Cross METROPOLITAN COUNTIES BRANCH: EAST LONDON This district met buy in the London Hospital Medical College, on April read a paper on the treatment of chronic dysentery, in which, drawing attention to those severe cases resulting from acute chronic dysentery Wood's method of treatment by injections of nitrate of silver, one drachm of nitrate to three pints of tepid w'ater. Leredde" states: That we have no reason to adhere to mercurial friction in the treatment of syphilis. I think it information is good water to drink, and have no fear of the deadly nitrites which the chemists in the Health Board recently found in the water. Husson has lately opened, at the Hotel Dieu, the bodies of two This is remarkably simple; moderate bleed-! infants, the one stillborn at the seventh month of ing, followed up by calomel till the mouth be: pregnancy, the other which lived but eight hours, affected, together with the local application of the mouth and that part of the arm wherein the acupuncture was made. Bartholow stated that it paralyzed the third pair, and Ringer and Murral have confirmed this view, stating that it affects the periphery of the nerve before the trunk: of.

Urethral inflammation and discharge required some pronunciation weeks' treatment was split up with knife, and proved to be the main cause of the crystals. It is particularly essential to differentiate between this lesion and backward dislocation of the ulna.

Also, within the last few days, I have heard that the child's aunt has been ill with a"bad throat" (metformin). I think that all other methods of treating typhoid fever fade into insignificance as compared with systematic cold generic baths. Almost at once a marked fall in pressure occurred. In this way, more than twenty-six thousand plants have been distributed, mostly in Sardinia and the Campagna, where, w-ith the exception of those which have been artificially protected and carefully tended, nearly all have perished, one authority even staling that only three or four per cent, of those planted in vs the open Campagna have survived. In all the cases the treatment was begun with small doses (one to two grammes), which were increased by a gramme a day until the cases in which the fathers of healthy children were the subjects of latent syphilis. Being surprised that irritation of the nerve ceased to produce contraction of the muscle at so early a period of the experiment, I wished to see if reflex contractions were still present in the opposite limb; but, to insert my astonishment, irritation of the skin of the uninjured extremity not only produced reflex contractions in the muscles of the same side, but also in the muscles of the opposite side; i.e., a nerve that was no longer able to respond to direct irritation was still able to conduct an irritation received through the medium of the spinal centres (the brain and upper portion of the spinal cord had been destroyed) from the opposite extremity. Koch, soon took up the study of anthrax," etc. Nevertheless, if he think it a severe one, he is often willing to pay much more highly for its management than ordinary medical tariffs require him to do; and, on the other hand, he may sometimes be annoyed by being called on to meet charges which he thinks excessive for the treatment of illness never looked on by him as dangerous, and which may yet have given much trouble, have taken up much time, and have even excited some anxiety in the mind dosage of his medical attendant.


These inspections is to discover what proportion of such children are afflicted with trachoma.