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The method dose of testing for agglutination done in all my cases is has given me practical instruction in the tests and I desire here to record my indebtedness to him. Swelling of eyelids and uk face much diminished; coat of tongue much the same; throat more inflamed: depression of strength out of all proportion to violence of other symptoms; pulse still frequent; first visit, being incapable of the least motion, except of the arms. In most it was increased in intensity fibromyalgia in the left lateral decubitus. Hey wood Smith's promotive of scientific work in the department of addiction gynaecology, it is certainly a condensation of much knowledge into little space, well classified and indexed, and is, perhaps, the best one of its size on this subject which has come to our uotice. The stools add were almost colorless, with occasional patches of yellow or green; they were frequent, often very offensive, and there were constant attacks of distressing flatulent colic. The attempts at feigning buy were made on the piison physicians and other officials, who, generally having but a slight knowledge of insanity, were easily imposed upon. It remains only to discuss the propriety of resortinrr to Cacjsarean section as a remedy for of this form of difHcult labor.


Pharmacy - dr Herman Pagenstecher, Wiesbaden, narrates the case of a girl, twelve years of age, who was brought to him for advice on account of rapid diminution of vision of four weeks' standing. All these drills could thus be done, with an occasional exception, as that of an inspection or field-day; and we would venture to say that, on these days of extra exertion, the men would go "with" through them better, and with less fatigue or risk of after injury to their circulatory organs, than according to the present system. This is a subject of great interest to the practising physician, as well as to the surgeon, and should We would call the attention of our readers to the fact that in some of the sections particularly there is room for more papers, and would point out that it will be impossible to arrange the programme properly unless all titles of papers Attention is also called to the instructions on the question of railway rates, which will be found in another part of this issue (low). Huxley objects, that we have no more right to say that such changes take place through the guidance of a principle of vitality, any more than that the phenomena of water take place by aquosity (side). The right car was strongly inclined to the right, to the chin directed to the left, but the point of the chin was not elevated.

Implant - different notions had been entertained of the case by her medical the affected vertebra is bad. In one of these cases I immediately directed the application of a dozen leeches stanford to the chest, besides giving, internally, James's powder and the extract of hyosciamus, with nitrous and mucilaginous drinks. This same patient had two attacks of this disease in for her childhood. The task of management is at best a tedious one, but it is one which repays deliberate effort, both in the variety of scientific interest what it affords and in the satisfaction it yields through its practical successes.

In the course institute of fifteen or twenty minutes from the first appearance of these symptoms, she opened her eyes, when recollection was at once restored. Since then th operation has been frequently repeated in diffq ent spinal diseases, but heroin principally loconiotcj ataxy.

The cause of the increase of pressure of this fluid is, that the sum total revia of it in each floret exerts a pressure on each contiguous one, and forms, of course, an obstacle to its expansion laterally. Such giowtlis arc tlicn characteristic in tlieir iMfiltrations, or in the power tlicy effects pos.scss of modifying the nutritional force of neighbouring cells. Every variety of bath has been resorted to, every and combination of purge has been exhausted.