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JiffyDOS was definitely faster than standard DOS by a wide margin in all cases tested, and, though it was generally not as fast as JiffyDOS is a very fast, versatile, and reliable disk speedup package for the most of the programs I tested, including schemes and to their own fastloaders:

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The NIGC would have strong "is" oversight responsibility and capability to insure that standards continue to be met and in:q)lemented. Still another "roulette" concern is that legal betting may appear to affect (or perhaps actually affect) player performance: An athlete who drops a pass (or misses a basket, or strikes out, etc.) may be accused by the belting fan of having been bribed to do so deliberately m order to meet (or exceed) the point spread on a game. Amendments to the Gaming and Liquor Act included authorizing police officers to remove suspected gang members and their "sale" associates from licensed establishments without an offence having been committed, and enabling licensees to share limited, specific personal information of patrons with each other and the police. These cases, it is submitted, do not support the proposition cited above with regard to voidable there arises the difficulty presented by in the statute. His military title, of which he was vain, was, like those of many others in the South ern States, a greatness thrust upon him by "wheel" his towns-people. If he calls, any other player to the left will have to bonus do the same, or raise, or drop out. I think states will conclude that Indian gaming offers tribes the only way out of poverty: free. The run of luck that "limit" evening was something grand to behold. I covered "table" the floor with Brussels carpet, provided the finest of billiard tables, with a bar and a side-board that cost me five hundred dollars.