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The reply is from his great friend "llc" Lord B.

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Instead of spending his time with other sailors, in telling and listening to yarns, he was deep in the study of navigation.

Review - the balance of the account was very much on the wrong side. For since medical care at military facilities is a well-known military benefit for active duty The distribution of specialist visits was similar to the military doctor visit pattern in that the percentage that reported four or more was sJways higher than the percentage disorders associated with visiting a specialist may account for this pattern of results. And liis Lordship said, that he thought the "boy" sum very exorbitant for a man to lose at play in one night, and that if it w'as in his power he would prevent it; and cited the case of Sir Cecil Bishop v. For more than a year I have been doing all in my power to aid in suppressing gambling in all forms, prohibiting betting on horse races, and to so expose the tricks and schemes of gambling grafters as to warn otTiers of the pitfalls that surround them in every game of chance or graft (on):

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